Basic Maintenance

Our Basic  Maintenance Agreements Include:

  • On-site maintenance tailored to suit your needs

  • One hour phone response from our technician

  • On-site response within eight business hours

  • Instantaneous network phone support from  our engineer

  • Priority four hour on-site response for network servers

  • Free loaner equipment

Insurance can sometimes be a hard sell, until you need it.  When your roof is damaged in a storm or a fire damages inventory, paying for it yourself could be ruinous.

In the world of computer maintenance and networking, the threats are:

  • Hard drive failure.  All hard drives fail eventually, and larger drives tend to fail more frequently.
  • Viruses, spyware, and malware.  Your computers become unusably slow and your data may be stolen.
  • Electronics failure.  Motherboards, power supplies, RAM memory, video cards, CD drives, and more.  All are vulnerable to power surges, excess heat, spills, and more.
  • Software incompatibility.  Why won’t this program run on my new computer?
  • Backup failure.  The lightning strike destroyed your backups too.  Now what?
  • Networking problems.  Why can’t we access those files from the new office,  use the new printer, or work from home?
  • Security, spam, and update issues.  You wouldn’t leave the door to your business open when you leave for the night.  Why leave your digital office unlocked and vulnerable?

Our Maintenance Plans are geared to keep you running smoothly, securely, and reliably.  We believe one monthly payment is better than the panic and unexpected expense of a computer systems failure.

Want to learn more?  Contact our Service today, or learn the details of our

With our Service Maintenance Plans, your company receives the same quality (or better) parts for your computers, printers, and computer peripherals. In addition, you pay no labor to install the parts or carry your equipment in for repair, since our computer maintenance program provides these services at no additional cost.

Service Area

We provides computer solutions, including network support, computer sales, and computer repair services in the Los Angeles region.